augmented reality

Augmented Reality Will Change How Smartphones Work There are many applications for augmented reality technology, but it is not limited to gaming and telematics. The potential for augmented reality is much more far-reaching, and we are only at the beginning of its discovery. While virtual reality (VR) endeavors to make an entirely Immersive experience, augmented… Read More »

quantum computing

What Is the Quantum Computing Challenge? Is quantum computing the future of technology? Is it possible that we will see something like this in our lifetimes? Many theorists feel that it is possible and others are saying it’s not. However, when you look at what we already know about technology and science, you will find… Read More »

robotic process automation

The Future of Artificial Intelligent Software Robots Robotic Process Automation, commonly abbreviated as Robotic Process Automation, is almost always the future of manufacturing automation. But when speaking of Robotic Process Automation, it is important to first highlight a subtle difference: Robotic Process Automation isn’t about applying actual physical robots to perform monotonous, highly repetitive, and… Read More »

internet of things

Internet Of Things: The Next Chapter In Industrial Design The Internet of Things (IoS) is dynamically shaping both the consumer and industrial worlds. Smart technology finds its way into every sector and each industry from retail to medicine, from financial to logistics and even a seemingly missed opportunity strategically deployed by another competitor can easily… Read More »

future inventions 2050

The Benefits of USB and Future Inventions As per Wikipedia “Inventors anticipate that technology for the future will probably have even more important implications for the present and for the future than the applications of computers, telecommunications equipment, and mobile computing devices.” So what are we talking about when we talk about future inventions? Well,… Read More »

how will technology change in the future

Future Science and Futurists Answer How Will Technology Change in the Future If you have been paying attention to what is being developed with computers, then you have seen some of the amazing things that are possible. We can now do so much with our computers, and all the information we have stored is now… Read More »

technology future predictions

How to Interpret Technology Future Predictions When people talk about technology’s impact on society, many are interested in the future technology predictions for the future. But technology affects us all in one way or another, whether we realize it or not. The impact of technology on society can be seen around us in many ways… Read More »

future technology

Future Technology and Your Life In the next decade, we will witness a new and more incredible wave of future technology. It is estimated that in a decade from now, transportation systems will be so advanced that they will allow people to travel via their own personal holographic software. The transportation system may even allow… Read More »

how will technology change our lives in the future

How Will Technology Change Our Lives in the Future We are all scared of change. In the present, many of us have become deeply conservative about how things are done. We don’t like to be thought of as being old school and tend to resist new innovations. Luckily, that’s changing.   The future of technology… Read More »

technology in the future essay

How To Write A Successful Future Technology In The Future Essay Technology in the Future? Most will be connected to the Internet, plus mobile computing, plus a lot more. Some already use such technology already. The power of technology in the future will be in our pockets. Some already use it. Technology in the future… Read More »